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Study Material

Topic Wise Booklets

Topic-wise booklets of each subject designed as per the latest syllabus of JEE (M)/CET are provided to every student. These booklets are designed to suffice the requirements of both Board Examinations as well as Competitive Examinations. These booklets contain detailed theory with solved examples for Board examinations and multiple exercises containing different kinds of tricky and brain-storming problems to enhance problem solving aptitude of the student.

Questions Banks

Topic-wise question banks containing ample number of questions including previous year questions of JEE (M)/ CET and other engineering entrance exams of the country are provided to every student. These question banks provide the student with sufficient practice questions thereby helping to build confidence and command over topics for competitive entrance exams.

Formula Booklets

Booklets of Physics, Chemistry and Maths containing all important formulae and concepts are provided to the students to help them in last minute preparations.

Smart Test System

  • Part Test
    These tests are focused on the topics which are being currently taught at that time.
  • Cumulative Test
    These tests include current topics along- with topics taught earlier.
  • Board Pattern Test
    These tests are designed according to the Board syllabus to ensure best performance of students in their Board exams.