Quest Academy

Quest Academy is the first of its kind institute with a focus on preparing students for JEE (Main + Advanced), and Medical entrance examinations. The institute adopts a scientific and comprehensive approach for selecting a batch of self-motivated, talented and capable students, enhancing their capabilities through continuous guidance and evaluation of their potential, and developing exhaustive and well researched content w.r.t. examinations.

Quest Academy Methodology

At QUEST ACADEMY, we believe that a successful classroom is one in which the student’s zeal to learn is matched by the teacher’s passion to teach. We lay emphasis on selecting the right set of students and providing them with coaching and personalized mentoring to help them meet their goals.

Best of the Brains

To connect the best of the brains around is a tradition at Quest Academy now. To explore their sheer talent & to make our students gain from their time accumulated experience is something that can be considered our foremost & intense desire. Quest Academy takes immense pride on continuing to its glorious tradition of collecting the gems to create new ones.

Dedication Beyond Imagination

JEE (Main + Advanced) and the Various Medical Entrance Examinations aren’t the apple for all. Over 15,00,000+ aspirants sit in, to take on, ‘The Toughest’. Competitive aspirants therefore are ought to study for late night hours. We decided to share their battle with them. Not every student is equally gifted cerebrally. A student with average grasping will have to study for longer hours to attain success in any competitive examination compared to a rather gifted one. The slight limitation of talent is to be compensated with an increased hard work. Quest Academy takes tremendous pride to become one of its kind Institute that provides support for students all the time who want to fight their battle.