Quest Academy

Quest Academy is the first of its kind institute with a focus on preparing students for JEE (Main + Advanced), and Medical entrance examinations. The institute adopts a scientific and comprehensive approach for selecting a batch of self-motivated, talented and capable students, enhancing their capabilities through continuous guidance and evaluation of their potential, and developing exhaustive and well researched content w.r.t. examinations.

Road to Success - Message from our Director

Success does not happen accidentally. Years of preparation and hard work is essential for an examination of the level of IIT-JEE/NEET the guidance is crucial and expertise of faculties who have mentored aspirants to achieve success is required. The most important aspect for preparation of IIT-JEE/NEET course material is building a student’s skill set from fundamental and conceptual clarity to the problem solving skills of the level of IIT-JEE/ NEET/AIIMS.

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What Students Say

I was with Lokendra Sir and team for 2 years, and I believe they played a huge part in making me who I am. They took extra classes as and how we asked them. Never hesitated from giving us more practice when we asked. There were Sundays too, where they dropped their plans because we wanted some doubt clarification sessions. They went past just textbooks and theory to help put us on track to cracking problems. I'm now a full time employee, and still apply some logics that they had taught me towards problem solving. They worked with us, to get us to a better level. I completely recommend them, not just to coach you, but to make you a better thinker and efficient worker.
JEE 2014
Quest Academy!! As the name suggest their main goal is to push the students towards success , give them strength , power and skill required to achieve what they desire in life. I had joined quest academy in the year 2016 for 10th standard, I had a wonderful experience there, their teaching methodology aimed at making the students understand the concepts, make their basics stronger and prepare them to face whatever question they encounter in future. I as a whole got to learn a lot, which has helped in the my further studies.
Pooja Narang
X 2017
The best place to get trained for all your upcoming competitive exams. The teacher is all time available and very much supportive. Initially I was confused very much with the fact that how must I exactly prepare for the objective exams. It's only because of the teacher's guidance I knew the right way to prepare for these exams. Every individual student is given equal importance.
M Shreenidhi
JEE 2019
Quest Academy is great. If you are looking to be trained for competitive exams it is THE PLACE. If you are average, Quest will make you good. If you are good, they will make you amazing. Overall great place. Faculties are very supportive and are always available. Regular tests help to analyze yourself and get a proper strategy for desired exam.
JEE 2019
I joined Quest Academy during my 12th std. This was of course one of the crucial phases of my life but trust me it never felt so complicated, Studying was so much fun after joining here. The best thing about Quest as the name says, there is a Quest for KNOWLEDGE than just mere marks .I've seen teachers who have worked hard day and night to solve a particular student's problem. Though I joined late 1 year still proved so productive. Honestly these Teachers not just taught me but have modelled me into a confident Human Being. I'm forever Grateful to each and every teacher here. Trust me it's a privilege if you join here.
JEE 2018
I would say Quest Academy is one of the best institute you will find for all those young aspiring engineers and doctors to be, to strengthen your fundamentals and thoroughly understanding and enjoying the learning of science. Teachers here are as much dedicated for students as you are for your career. It was indeed a privilege to be a student at Quest Academy. Anyone looking for knowledge oriented and effective coaching in right approach, I would say Quest Academy!! They provide complete study material, regular tests and more importantly they give individual attention to students motivating and helping with good strategies to crack entrance exams. The level of dedication of every teacher is amazing. Always present for any doubts and understanding of subjects. The environment in Quest has healthy competition for enhancement of every student to excel in competitive exams.
NEET 2019
When I joined Quest Academy, all the concepts were taught from basics and repeated again if required. Faculties were extremely helpful in clearing my doubts and Practice Questions & workbooks provided helped in better understanding of the concepts. Tests helped me a lot in analyzing my performance and improve. Faculties are very supportive. They always motivated me whenever I felt low on confidence. I am thankful to their guidance that I was able to choose the right option for my career.
JEE 2016
Quest Academy gave me a great learning experience with all the teachers over there. All the teachers were highly qualified with very simple ways of imparting education.The teaching technique is very simple and provides productive outcome. You can interact with teachers even for single questions.The most beautiful thing I found was the behaviour of the teachers with the studentswhich was so pleasant and interactive.This made my interest towards studies more deeper and exploratory. I wish every student should get such environment to grow themselves.
COMED-K 2017
Quest Academy!! Everything that forms my basics, that gives me confidence in life are from things I learnt at Quest Academy. Looking back joining the academy was one of the best decisions I made. A place with staff who are friendly, intellectual, experienced and have the love towards teaching, available at all times, encouraging doubts and patiently answering each of them made learning easier. I learnt my subjects but most importantly I learnt how to take exams. We usually know how to attempt board exams but there is a certain way when it comes to objective questions which I learnt here. As a drop student they also helped me deal with the anxiety that comes along, constantly motivated me for the exams. The class strength was kept minimal so attention on each student was given impartially while maintaining a healthy competitive environment amongst us. Their study material contained over hundreds of MCQs sorted topic wise enough for a student to master a topic. Solving these made me more confident, gave me enough practice for almost any type of question expected in exams like JEE Advanced/AIIMS/ NEET. Regular tests and discussion on the same were conducted where sir would individually assess our mistakes so we wouldn't repeat them again. Avoiding negative marks, strategizing your way of taking an exam was something I have learnt only here and carried it further in my life. One has to have the right determination to give whatever it takes to learn and seek knowledge, with these when you join an academy like that of Quest you are bound to achieve what you set your mind at. I'm very grateful to have known such amazing teachers who will always inspire me with their zeal and guide me towards the best for me.
Mahima Mehta
NEET 2017